Identifying Asbestos

If you think that you’ve found asbestos in or around your home or property don’t touch it! It is highly recommended that you call a professional to determine whether or not it needs to be removed, sealed, or left as is. Never disturbed asbestos material as it is known to cause serious health issues and can be life threatening.

Living areas

Insulation in wood heaters
Asbestos cement sheeting beneath heater hearths
Backing to cushion vinyl flooring
Resilient Floor Tiles – vinyl asbestos, asphalt, and rubber
Adhesives used for installing floor tile
Caution! Sanding tiles can release fibers. So may scraping or sanding the backing of sheet flooring during removal.

Bathroom, toilet and laundry

Asbestos cement sheeting used in walls, ceilings and floors
Hot water pipes set into masonry walls
Lagging on hot water pipes

Heating Systems

Steam Pipes, Boilers, and Furnace Ducts insulated with an asbestos blanket or asbestos paper tape.
Caution! These materials may release asbestos fibers if damaged, repaired, or removed improperly.
Artificial Ashes and Embers sold for use in gas-fired fireplaces.
Door Gaskets in furnaces, wood stoves, and coal stoves.
Caution! Worn seals can release asbestos fibers during use.
Cement Sheet, Mill-board and Paper used as insulation around furnaces and wood burning stoves.
Caution! Repairing or removing appliances may release asbestos fibers. So may cutting, tearing, sanding, drilling, or sawing insulation.

Decorative and Remodeling Materials

Patching and joint compounds for walls and ceilings
Textured paints
Caution! Sanding, scraping, or drilling these surfaces may release asbestos.
Soundproofing or Decorative Material sprayed on walls and ceilings.
Caution! Loose, crumbly, or water-damaged material may release fibers. So will sanding, drilling, or scraping the material.


Flat, patterned and corrugated wall and roof sheeting
Imitation brick cladding
Lining under eaves


Garden sheds
Garages and carports
Dog kennels


Brake linings
Clutch linings
Adhesive products

Commercial or industrial buildings

Coating sprayed on beams for fire proofing
Wrap on pipes and boilers
Asbestos Cement Roofing, Shingles, Walls, and Siding (Also Used On Residential Homes).
Note: These products are not likely to release asbestos fibers unless sawed, drilled, or cut.


Electrical meter boards
Heat-proof mats
Older household products such as fireproof gloves, stove-top pads, ironing board covers, and certain hairdryers.

Levaggi Environmental Contracting has over 27 years of experience in the safe handling of asbestos products and is fully licensed and insured to offer you peace of mind. Contact us today to schedule a free quote or evaluation to determine if asbestos is present in your home, business or other property by calling 1-802-888-5756.

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